Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Factually Accurate Recollection of Significant Bodybuilding History

May not be factually accurate, significant, or bodybuilding history.


  1. I was so waiting for that to be before and after pictures. A lesson in why steroids are bad for you, makes you lose masses of weight, change gender, but on the plus side your head will no longer be transparent!

    1. You sir just brought a chuckle to my heart. Given the angle of the second picture, her head might still be transparent.

      Over the last couple years, I've noticed myself becoming quite desensitised to bodybuilding. When I was a teenager, Arnold Schwarzenegger was impossibly huge, now when I see photos of him he doesn't look that big (I might think otherwise in person). For the last few years, I thought Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman were impossibly big, now I look at this and I'm used to their looks, too. They just don't look that freaky anymore. Must be 'cus I'm so huge myself, at a whopping unbelievable 70kg.

    2. It is a side effect of training in an iron gym.
      When I was doing so there was a junior Mr. Universe in the gym, and a number of guys bigger than he was.
      The freakiest was one guy who was 6'4 24.5 stones and was stopping the juice after health warnings when his heart was alomost twice normal size. One of the most genuinely funny and friendly people you would ever meet, and big in a way that you tended not to notice others.
      I am at my largest ever now, 13 stones, which considering I thought 12 was over ambitious is not bad going.


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