Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Training -- Wed 12/06/2013

OHP/Front Squat/Cable Row

10xBW squats
3x5x46kg/3x46kg/12x40kg -- During one of these sets, my grip slipped out on front squats, so I switched to the cross-grip, only to find that the bar I was using (with the softest, smoothest knurling of any bar I've ever encountered) was too smooth to stay on my shoulders in that position, so let's just say that the funky front squat-to-zercher squat maneouvre I pulled was totally intentional and not a painful accident at all.

Push Press/Front Squat/Cable Row



10x70kg -- Grip was slipping, and I noticed my hands all covered in rust afterwards, so I decided to get a wire brush and give the bar a clean. I was amazed at how much rust had accumulated on there, and there was a brown pile on the deadlift platform afterwards. Could've made a little sandcastle out of that. I got quite the workout from cleaning it, too.
3x5x152.5kg -- Grip was an issue on the first two sets (the ones without straps). Not sure how much of that was the bar and how much of it was me.

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