Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Competition That Wasn't

Well, actually it was, I just didn't compete in it.

Yesterday was Strength Sports Gym's first powerlifting meet, and it was one of the biggest Powerlifting Australia meets in years, if I heard correctly. I was around as a spectator for the first session, with it being a two-session meet and two-flights-per-session. Chyna began the meet with her first attempt (and I'm pretty sure this was the first lift of the meet, period, unless Tash got in just before her) with a national record. Because why wouldn't you set a new national record as your very first attempt of the day? She then proceeded to break her own record on the squat two more times. Another great highlight while I was there was a guy in my weight class (can't remember his name off-hand, but apparently he trains at SSG when I'm not around) who did bench-only, and opened with 150kg. Not very often you see someone benching more than double bodyweight, but he pulled it off, and got 160, too, in his second attempt. I can't remember how his third attempt went.

As for why I didn't compete, I woke up on Tuesday morning unable to move my right knee pain-free, and it took until Saturday morning to be able to move pain-free. Given the location and significance of the pain, being pain-free on the day wasn't good enough for me to be willing to attempt 1RM's, although I intend on being back in the gym training again tomorrow.

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