Monday, August 12, 2013

Training -- Mon 12/08/2013

First day back to training. 'Twas the most epicest of epic sessions ever (also I'm amazed that no squiggly red line has appeared under "epicest"). So heavy, so much volume.


10xBW -- Was quite pleased to experience no pain.
3x10x90kg -- No belt, no pain. High cardiovascular overload.


8x70kg -- That is, I squatted down, came back up halfway, went back down, then came back up all the way as a single rep. I thought they might be a good addition to my program, but they really didn't feel very useful, and I'm pretty sure just doing 1.5-2x as many full reps would be more productive. Worth trying, though. Still pain-free :)



So, like I said, most epicest of epic sessions ever, full of huge weights and huge volume. In other words, I'm being sarcastic. It got my blood moving and didn't hurt anything, so I'll take it.

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