Saturday, August 17, 2013

Training -- Sat 17/08/2013

SSG is doing paralympics today, which means no training there. So I went to my dad's gym, which is also my old gym, for a casual visit.

OHP/Pull Ups


Bench Press/Seated Row




Suitcase Walk



I had no intention of doing squats today, but then as I was stretching and foam rolling, I saw that they've put up a whiteboard, and on it people compete for most reps of squats with their bodyweight on their back (amongst other events), and if you beat the last person to get their name up there (with one of the trainers supervising to make sure it's legit), your name goes up on the board. So I had a little chat with the trainer on site, and then this happened...

28x73kg -- Note, they have a 90degree policy. You don't have to stop at 90 degrees, but that's their legal depth, rather than parallel, and I felt more like pissing off whoever had their name up there before me than adhering to my own standards, so these were all a bit shallow. The trainer only counted 26 reps, but he said he didn't disqualify any of my reps, so I take it he just miscounted (my mum, dad and I all counted 28 reps, he counted 26, I'm going to say 28 even though 26 is what's on the board -- point is, my name is on the board). There was also a rule that you couldn't recover for more than 3 sec at the top, so I'm curious (although not in least bit keen to find out) what would have happened if I'd rested longer. Quads and erectors felt this.

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